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Curved stainless steel 304
The price is only 120,000 VND / 1 kg
Industrial stainless steel products such as shelves, cabinets, wash basins

Please check the correct type of stainless steel, quality as sample

Quick processing time, convenient payment method, flexible

Guaranteed for 12 months due to negligence of the manufacturer of the product

Stainless steel laser processing

Cutting stainless steel, stainless steel

Cut pipe, cut stainless steel box

Bending pipe, bending box, stainless steel bending

Stamped stainless steel

Stainless steel

Stainless steel or stainless steel is increasingly being used

Produced household appliances, prompted the rapid development of industrial production, stainless steel processing.

The stainless steel process usually goes through five basic steps as follows:

Create a detailed drawing of the product.
Cut the stainless steel according to the detailed drawing.
Installation, welding products.
Polishing, welding bleaching.
Hygiene inspection and packaging.
Step 1 Expand the detailed drawing of the product

This is the most important step in the stainless steel machining process, which greatly affects product productivity and quality.

People who implement the drawing must have long experience in the industry, know more about how to use each type of product, and know the stainless steel process.

The specific work of Step 1 is as follows.

Receive product information from customers
Shape, size, use, preliminary drawing …

Redraw the overall appearance of the product
Development of stainless steel processing: cutting of stainless steel, processing of welded products

Monitor the processing process to timely correct unreasonable ones
Step 2 Cut the stainless steel according to the detailed drawing

This requires the operator to be careful and accurate

Because stainless steel is an expensive material, it is wrong and two large losses

When cutting to high precision parts, stainless steel installation and welding will be faster and more beautiful.

Conversely, if the cut is not standard, you can not make a good product.

In case of cutting, stainless steel must use the following machine

Laser cutting machine for cutting the curve.
Hydraulic cutting machine for cutting straight cut.
Cut the corner cutting machine in the form of cutting the corner.
The punching machine is used for products with holes in the stainless steel plate.
According to the drawing a hydraulic shock bending machine for breaking stainless steel.
Step 3 Erection, fixed welding products

This requires a person with a lot of experience,

Make it possible to read understandable drawings

To know if you need to build in advance what details you need to rearrange. To be soldered before welding.

It should be noted that during welding, the location of each weld has a large thermally strained stainless steel.

Stainless steel welding robot is used with simple product of welding,

Step 4 Polishing grinding, welding bleaching

Grinding, polishing Stainless steel is an art,

The operator must be familiar with the process

Step 1 Polishing whetstone polishing sand type 120.

Step 2 is ground with the grindstone type 240.

Step 3 is ground with the grinding wheel of the welded joint.

Step 4 brushed with felt polished felt Use two blades if you hit two hybrids.

Also, if you need to polish high gloss, refine your accessories.

When using in large quantities, please use industrial machinery.

If you can not hit the weld at the corner position, please use a welding machine.

Step 4 Cleaning and Packing

Product cleaning is very easy

We can wash with soap, wipe with gasoline, you can get the best gloss with powder and powder.

However, inspection of stainless steel products is very important to ensure quality and uniformity.

First, you need to check the size, quantity and type options

Follow-up is welding with stainless steel material.

We need to thoroughly check the aesthetics and treatment of stainless steel welding of products with steel-in-box color.

The above is the basic principle of stainless steel processing

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